Dear Maki Sushi Ki, received my order for the combo sushi kit and I LOVE it!. The sushi rolls turn out 1000 times nicer than when I use the bamboo mat. I have never managed to roll out a nice sushi roll like my Mom and Grandmother but with the sushi frame they turn out 1000 times nicer and its enjoyable making sushi now. Thank you!

Linda Merrell

I am quite impressed at how fast we received our sushi maker. I'm still waiting for items that I ordered from other on-line companies...Your product is superior to the kit we bought and returned to Crate and Barrel. My 9 year old daughter was making perfect rolls on her second time...

Douglas Smurthwaite
Cisco Systems, California

Thank you!!! By the way... I love my maker. I have used it weekly since I bought it last year...

Kristin Leblanc was cool, I made cucumber, spider, california inside out roll, philly, salmon, and a bit of this that roll. I also served a cucumber salad and Miso and green tea. It was great!!! I used Calrose rice; next I will try to locate Unagi and Tobiko as well as Tuna. Thanks!!...

Marienne Gaurena

Maki Sushi Ki rocks!! I have just finished my second batch. (Musubi) Its great and I now consider myself a graduate of Maki Sushi Ki. My wife loves it and she was raised on Sushi. She now thinks she is married to an Exotic chef and my love life has never been better. Thanks Ron!

Don Yogs
San Francisco, California

I received the sushi maki ki yesterday, and have been using it ever since. Truly, often the best things are the simplest. Who would of thought that a few pieces of wood could make my sushi turn out so well? Now my sushi looks just as it tastes - fantastic. Many thanks. It was worth every penny.

Terence Carter
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I recently ordered the Maki Sushi Ki kit. My first indication that I had made a great decision came when I was surprised, no - amazed - at how quickly the package arrived. I was then pleased by the high quality of the Maki Sushi Ki. The pieces are works of art. Yesterday, I used the Maki Sushi Ki to prepare a variety of sushi for our meal. Everyone was delighted! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

James Christian
Columbia, South Carolina

I purchased both a large and a small Maki Sushi Ki at the Asian Celebration in Eugene over the last weekend, and already I believe that they're the best kitchen item I've ver purchased. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but each sushi roll comes out perfect every time. Thank you!

Tara Aiken
Eugene, Oregon

I bought a kit for my sis at the N. Street Fair last weekend and later that night at a dinner party we rolled the tightest sushi ever! It does not feel like other 'cookie cutter' kits, as each roll retains the creativity of the Ki's user...Now that i'm back home in AZ the first thing on my list was to order a kit for myself! I'm sure i'll be a return customer as holiday shopping approaches...   :) thanks!

Richard Davis
Flagstaff, Arizona

The Maki Sushi Ki is truly remarkable.  After impressing my guests with my beautiful sushi, they had to run out and buy kits too!

Mrs. N Matsumoto
Glencoe, Illinois

The process proved so simple that even rank amateurs were making the rolls in no time flat.

Jane Benet, Food Editor
S. F. Chronicle

It's amazing.. the Maki's (rolled sushi), all come out the same size.

Mrs. S Taniguchi
San Francisco, California

Hey!  The ingredients are always in the middle and I don't waste the end pieces anymore!

Mrs. B Mizono
Danville, California

The wood that the Maki Sushi Ki is made from is terrific... it doesn't splinter and just feels better to work with than plastic!

Mr. S Saito
Pahala, Hawaii

The possibilities are practically infinite.  Let your imagination go - who knows what you'll come up with?

Rosina Wilson
S. F. Focus Magazine

...I have already tried the Maki Sushi Ki, and want you to know what I am most pleased with the results...

M. O. Delano, Ph.D.

...What kind of wood is the Maki Sushi Ki made of?  It smells terrific!...

D. Newman

...I'm enjoying my Maki Sushi Ki...

Mrs. V. S. Barbelew

...My family and I love sushi so we are looking forward to many happy occasions making sushi...

Mrs. M Miyahira

...I am pleased with the Maki Sushi Ki...

Mrs. J. V. Loyola